Dear preacher,

What if there was a system that, once learned, could radically improve your sermons, making them more Bible based, more interesting, and far more inspiring?

And teaching you how to cut your sermon prep time in half with the right tools and process? 
That means far more powerful sermons and half the sermon prep time!

The system is here, and this is your personal invitation to join.

My name is Reimar Vetne, and I have taught pastors around the world - from Norway in the north to Brazil in the south. And I taught as a New Testament professor first in Mexico and then in California.

This system for transformative preaching works in all cultures, because it is rooted in deep and solid preaching of the Word of God, and makes the Scripture come alive in whatever culture the congregation lives in.

Here is what you get in the Smart Sermon System:

The Complete Smart Sermon Training (6 modules)

Chuck Dixon

"Thank you, fully enjoyed the first video, looking forward to hearing more. Good advice done in an interesting and pleasing presentation."

Roly Rodriguez

"Smart Sermon is one of the best preaching resources that I have ever used. Not only did it help me as a pastor to deliver sermons that were more focused and true to the original text, but it was my go to training resource.

My elders approached me in training them in how to preach the word. I used the principles of Smart Sermon and I currently have 4 elders that are preaching biblically based sermons. One of them had spent 33 years in the church and had never participated in any church function. He came to the training and the Smart Sermon book gave him the confidence to preach the word. Not only does he participate now, but he is an active leader who preaches the Word in our preaching rotation and is starting a prayer ministry in his job from Monday-Friday."

"Absolutely, positively love these email sermons!! I feel like I have left a good, college level class when I am finished watching them. We Ministers need all the tool's that we can get and to keep our tools polished! Keep this coming!! And thank you!"

"Thank you so much for your time to prepare these videos. Really, I enjoyed it. I will wait for next. I am a preacher and work two much in read and explain the verses but I need to work more in apply and share personal stories. Thank you!"

"Thank you - very practical. I will be passing this training on to some of those I am working with on sermon preparation."

Join today ($79/quarter)

Testimonials about our video training

Todd Ervin

John Weigelt

William Portillo

What is it about the Bible that fosters spiritual growth, and how can we use the Bible to transform us?

Module 6: Theological leadership from the pulpit

If you enjoyed our free December training videos, you will love our complete systems training. 
Get the in-depth training that will permanently improve your preaching skills.

And two incredible bonuses courses

Morning Ritual for Preachers

Length: 3 hours 35 min

Do you feel that your prayer life is not what it used to be? Are you a bit embarrassed by how little devotional Bible reading just for your own soul you get time for? Do you feel tired, and stuck in your ministry?

Begin every day strong with the six classical Christian morning disciplines. I honestly think it will empower and fuel your ministry like you have not seen in a long time.

Go through this bonus course now, be inspired, and change your mornings!

Sermon Preparation with Logos

Length: 4 hours 27 min


So my weeks are pretty busy. I produce books, articles, video courses. I preach and teach small group Bible classes weekly. Some member visitation and personal Bible study, paperwork, accounting for the tax man, etc.

And I am sure your life is equally busy, just more emphasis on some tasks and less emphasis on others than me. 

But we are busy.



Which is why I cannot afford not to have and use the best tools available for effective Bible study and sermon preparation.
Want to know my secret? It is Logos Bible software.
And no, Logos did not pay me to say that...

I know that Logos is not the cheapest. A good package (like Bronze) costs $630 (or $50/month) and upwards to thousands of dollars.
And Logos is such a sophisticated software that it takes an investment in time to learn it as well. Unless sometime gives you the shortcut and teaches you how to use Logos effectively to save time on your very next sermon.

This 4½ hour training course will show you exactly how to use Logos to save time in your sermon prep.
I show exactly which features in Logos to use when, which Logos package and other Logos books to buy depending on your needs, and teach you a system for daily study sessions that makes sermon preparation fun again instead of a stressful event the night before church.

Logos biblesoftware is very powerful, and a must-have for all pastors and preachers. The amount of features and functions can be overwhelming however. Discover how to get started using Logos to prepare sermons effectively.

Find your own strengths and weaknesses as a preacher with this fun self-analysis tool

Your sermon prep time is limited. How to get the most insights out of Scripture in the time you have

Module 4: The most effective use of illustrations

Module 5: Preaching different genres in the Bible

Join today ($79/quarter)

No minimum period. You can cancel at any time.
Pay for 3 months at a time.

Module 2: Diagnosing your skills as a preacher

Module 1: The Bible and spirituality

Module 3: Researching the Bible text effectively

Some stories and illustrations are powerful. Some are not. Discover how to use the right ones.

How do you preach from stories, poetry, proverbs, parables, letters, and apocalyptic literature?

Done correctly preaching can be a powerful form of moral and theological leadership

The Smart Sermon System is here 

with complete step by step training to 

take your preaching to the take level

Make 2018 your best year of preaching ever:

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